Inspire Confidence and Engage Customers through Social Media

Inspire Confidence and Engage Customers through Social Media

Does your company need to be a player in social media? The answer is definitely, “Maybe.” It depends on your business goals and needs. If your company has ambitions for growth, building the brand, and increasing market share, then social media could be an option for you.

If you are considering a social media program to support your business goals, you may be facing some tough questions. What skills are required for managing your social media, how much should you expect to spend, and how do you know if your outreach is working?

Luckily, you have a local resource to help. Scott Yates Public Relations can tailor a social media marketing program that will deliver the engagement and expertise you expect, all within your budget. I will build the tools, audience, and competency requirements that you can use to someday hire a full-time team member, if you choose.

With Scott Yates Public Relations as a partner in your company’s success, you get:

I will tailor a program to meet your customers’ expectations and your business goals. Specific deliverables will include:

Contact me and let’s talk about if diving into social media is right for your business.