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At the starting line of a distance running event there is an unspoken reality that exists between those elite athletes who will compete against each other, and the rest of us who will compete to be our best selves. We race for a new personal record, a new PR.

We are the majority; the newbies, weekend warriors, aging athletes, and middle of the packers. We occasionally fight to avoid the DFL (Dead F#@^ing Last). We will run through tears, blood and torn ligaments to avoid the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish).

The PR is the runner’s individual and personal standard of potential; a measuring stick built from a tree that grew from a seed that we planted. Our PR quantifies the best we’ve been while taunting and encouraging the best we might be.

We measure our race day’s success against the best times we posted in years past. It’s a humble measure of progress, a tangible result to validate the early morning wake ups, the lunches skipped in lieu of a 6-miler before a 1 pm meeting, and the hours spent away from family while grinding through Sunday morning long runs.

Personal Records, PRs, are not limited to running or other athletic events. We all have the opportunity to measure ourselves against our previous best. Students can push for better grades, parents for better opportunities for their children, professionals for better results next quarter. If, like me, you choose to live a reflective existence built on the principles of continuous improvement, you have personal records to pursue.

Scott Yates PR can help you identify, quantify, and push beyond your past success.